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Resort. Hot Springs. Mineral Water.

What makes this property unique is how this site used to house the La Vida Mineral Springs Resort; thus, natural earth water still flows out in its present day. The degree of water has not yet been measured, however, according to the LA Times, it is stated roughly 30,000 gallons of water flows out at 110 F [some articles 114F] degrees. At the property, there was a 12 room hotel built in the mid 1920's, a restaurant/cafe, an indoor stage and outdoor amphitheater, indoor bath houses and massage rooms, and also had 2 outdoor swimming pools. Unfortunately, due to a fire in 1988, the hotel burnt down and all of the remaining areas were demolished.
Another amazing fact regarding this property is how they were given the patent rights to source and bottle their own water. It was called "La Vida Mineral Water". 

Photos Throughout History

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Photo courtesy: prs

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Photo Courtesy: Zachary Cromwell


Photo Courtesy: Tom Pulley Collection.

Creative Commons Images and Photo Courtesy: Orange County Archives  + Photo Courtesy: Tom Pulley Collection.

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 Photo Courtesy: Venturi

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Photo courtesy: Amescolor Publishers

Creative Commons Images and Photo Courtesy: Orange County Archives 


Photo Courtesy: unknown

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